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Other Sites

This page will refer you to other IBM related sites and points of interest.

IBM Related Sites

Below you find a number of sites which you should make a point of visiting:

Links for IBM Retiree Discounts and After IBM

NOTE: IBM Employee Discounts Extended to IBM Retirees.

  • Beneplace - IBM Retiree Discount Program.
  • Special Health Assistance Provision (SHAP) and LPA (Life Planning Account)
  • IBM Retiree Web Site (AfterIBM) - this is a must-visit site. It has information about retiree benefits, contacts, discounts and many links to other useful sites. Be sure to visit. Also make a note of the telephone number for the IBM Employee Services Center, 800-796-9876. Click on this link and you will see another link: Discounts for IBMers - Your single destination for all discounts on products, services and programs available to you from IBM's clients, partners and vendors.
    New: IBM hotel rates now available for IBM retirees. When you go to make a hotel reservation, identify yourself as an IBM retiree and ask if the hotel provides an IBM rate. You may need to bring an ID that identifies you as an IBM retiree.

Other IBM Sites

Other IBMQCC, retiree and former IBMer sites in the USA and Around the World

Financial Sites

Discount Sites

Click here to login to view the discounts available to active and retired IBM employees.

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