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IBM South Florida
Quarter Century Club
and Alumni Association

Board of Directors

Meetings of the Board of Directors are held at least four times per year.  The next regular Board meeting is scheduled at 4:00PM on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 - Online Meeting. Contact Jim DeArmond (President) if you would like to attend the next online board meeting.

The minutes of the most recent Board of Directors meeting are available here: Latest Board Minutes

The preliminary minutes of the 2019 Annual Meeting are available here: 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes (preliminary)

We on your Board are dedicated to making your Association as successful as possible. But, we never forget that without your involvement, there would be no Association. Please use the links below to contact one or more of your Board members.

President: Jim DeArmond
(561)239-8673 (Cell)
(Contact Jim DeArmond)
Vice President: Pete Martinez
(561)994-1993  (Home)
(561)248-5353  (Cell)
(Contact Pete Martinez)

Secretary: Dave Johnson
(561)395-7412  (Home)
(Contact Dave Johnson)

Treasurer: Larry Salerno
(561)487-9446 (Home)
(561)818-7657 (Cell)
(Contact Larry Salerno)
Board Member: Judy Bradley
(561)248-8512 (Home)
(561)248-8512 (Cell)
(Contact Judy Bradley )
Board Member: Jud McCarthy
(561) 391-1422 (Home)
(561) 504-7048 (Cell)
(Contact Jud McCarthy)
Board Member: Lew Miller
(561)488-2026 (Home)
(561)239-1039 (Cell)
Contact Lew Miller)  
Board Member: Ed Schatz
(561) 955-9849 (Home)
(845) 893-6846 (Cell)
(Contact Ed Schatz)
Board Member: Dennis Shea
(203)312-4184 (Cell)
(Contact Dennis G Shea,PhD )
Emeritus Board Members: Fred Goetz
John Ryan

Official E-mail Address: SECRETARY@IBMSFQCCAA.ORG.
(Contact the Association
Postal address: IBMSFQCCAA
P. O. Box 273284
Boca Raton, FL 33427-3284