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Membership Directory

Membership Directory

The online directory is available to all active members. If you are not a member of our Association, or you are inactive, you will have to join in order to be able to access the IBMSFQCCAA directory.

Note: The directory is available online to enable active IBMSFQCCAA members to find and connect with one another. It is not to be used for marketing purposes under any circumstances.

Our directory is secured by userid and password. New members will receive an email after they have paid their dues which will provide a UserId and Password to be used to access the online Membership Directory.

Please send an e-mail to the IBMSFQCCAA Secretary to request your password if you have misplaced it. Please specify your name and email address in the e-mail.

If you know the userid and password, click here now to open a copy of the current membership directory.







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