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Other Volunteer Information

IBM On Demand Community

On Demand Community is a tightly focused and coordinated effort intended to help IBM volunteers provide web-based solutions and assistance to non-profit community organizations and schools in their communities. IBM employees are able to volunteer as IBMers, with the resources of the company behind them.

If you volunteer in any way, please register at the IBM on Demand Community web site and then register your hours.  You can qualify for larger grants for your qualifying organization and perhaps, receive recognition from IBM or even from the President.  IBM will recognize those with more than 100 hours of volunteer time.  The President's Volunteer Service Award honors Americans who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to volunteer service.

IBM Retirees can register via the IBM.com web site:


IBM employees must register via the intranet using w3.

IBM Matching Grants Program

The Matching Grants Program enables employees and retirees to increase the value of their donations to higher education institutions, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, cultural and environmental organizations with a matching gift from IBM. The recipient organization can choose to receive the gift in the form of either cash or IBM equipment. If it chooses to receive equipment, IBM will match an active employee contribution at two or three times the cash match, depending on the type of organization. If the organization chooses cash, the match is 1:1.

The IBM K-12 Matching Grants Program is a special program that enables employees and retirees to contribute to the donation of PC Equipment to eligible pre-schools, childcare centers and K-12 schools. The donated equipment must be selected from a menu of selected configurations. The match provided by IBM for employees may be as high as 4:1.

The Matching Grants Application is available on this web site. For additional information, you can call 800-777-4768 for the K-12 Matching Grants Program. For other types of Matching Grant opportunities call 800-796-9876.

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IBM Community Grants

IBM Community Grants is a new program that increases grant award limits for employees and retirees who regularly volunteer with not-for-profit organizations and utilize IBM On Demand Community solutions. Grants may be requested for schools and not-for-profit organizations not utilizing IBM On Demand Community solutions, but grant limits are lower.

Additional information can be found at:


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